Judge Rules for Attorney Hammer: Consulting Physician May Be Liable for Negligence

Amberley Hammer prevailed against a Plea in Bar filed by a defendant pathologist. The Plaintiff sued for damages after a misdiagnosis of breast cancer that led her to undergo an unnecessary partial mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes. The primary pathologist issued a report conveying the diagnosis of cancer and indicating that the results were […]

Result: $1.7 Million Settlement for Undiagnosed Infection

The 33-year old decedent was hospitalized with a fever, headache, brain lesion and blurred vision. He was diagnosed with a venous sinus thrombosis and remained febrile. An infection was considered but antibiotics were never administered. The patient died five days later from an undiagnosed brain infection.

Result: $2.3 Million Settlement for Birth Injury from Placental Abruption

At 35 weeks pregnant, plaintiff went to the emergency room complaining of severe lower abdominal cramping. She was not connected to a fetal heart monitor for almost an hour after arriving. Once connected to a monitor, the fetal heart rate had minimal variability and was non-reactive. A physician was not notified until approximately one hour […]

Result: $5 Million Verdict: Anesthesia Caused Paralysis

A Norfolk jury returned a verdict for $5 million in the case of a 16 year old who suffered a dangerous drop in blood pressure during pectus excavatum surgery to correct a sunken chest deformity. As a result of the blood pressure drop, the plaintiff suffered an ischemic injury to his spinal cord which caused […]