“My wife and I had never been through a lawsuit before and we were scared, nervous and unsure if we had a case or if we were doing the right thing. Amberley’s warmth, compassion and knowledge put our minds at ease in the very first meeting.  Amberley was there for us every step of the way in what turned out to be a grueling 2 1/2 year process filled with highs and lows and never in that time did we ever question picking her as our attorney. Amberley and staff went above and beyond to get us a fair settlement and we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. We feel both blessed and fortunate to find her.” – D.J.


“We NEVER imagined ourselves needing a lawyer and I still wish somehow that we never would have needed one. Truth is we did need a lawyer and Amberley Hammer was the answer to our prayers. She was thoroughly knowledgeable about the nature of cases like ours. Moreover, she was beautifully compassionate towards our needs and fought for us when we didn’t even have the strength to fight. She has a fiery passion towards seeking results for families who are victims of medical negligence and malpractice. Mrs. Hammer understood the depth of our grief as she fought for us helping to secure a reasonable settlement for the loss of our newborn daughter. She has a servant’s heart and is genuinely concerned about the interests of others. And while we know that she works diligently for many others like us, she always made us feel as though we were her only clients. She truly put our needs first and foremost. As daunting as it was to walk into her office the first time, I have to say now that we are on the other side that she made the process a lot easier than we expected. We were able to go on living our lives and not feel overwhelmed by our looming case. She is an amazing person of great character and that shows in her work. We are forever thankful for the blessing of Mrs. Hammer and her legal team for being there for us at a time when we needed more than just legal representation.” – C & J


“We are so thankful that Amberley Hammer has the heart and mission to assist families like ours through the Birth Injury Fund process! I know it is challenging work with little monetary reward. It is obvious that her reason for helping is because she really does care! Not only do we appreciate the work she has done for our daughter to successfully get into this life-changing program, we are very grateful for her empathy and emotional support throughout the process. It is refreshing to know that , in the midst of being incredibly busy and stressed from advocating for our daughter on a daily basis in the big system out there, someone really and genuinely has our back.” – J. R.


“I would like to express the feelings of my family about the services of Amberley. She has been extremely compassionate and driven to seek justice for our daughter. We have been comfortable sharing our experiences with her. Her honesty upfront has helped us along the way in dealing with bumps in the road. With her guidance, we have been involved in making crucial decisions. Her heart has truly been involved with her untiring dedication to this case. Over the past 2 years, there have been difficult times and she never gave up. Amberley’s team has been extremely supportive in keeping us up-to-date on the progression of our daughter’s case. We feel so lucky to have Amberley and her team fighting for our daughter!” – D., R., and L.

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