Cerebral Palsy May be the Result of a Birth Injury

For families dealing with a cerebral palsy diagnosis, the condition prompts a number of questions. Was the damage that caused cerebral palsy preventable? How can treatment and therapy be maximized? What will my child’s life be like? At Hammer Law, you will not be alone in the search for answers about your child’s condition. We investigate the medical records from your labor and delivery to see whether your child’s brain was injured during labor or at or near the time of birth. Although not all cases of cerebral palsy are the result of medical negligence, some negligent medical care such as prolonged labor with fetal distress and an untimely C-section can deprive your baby’s brain of oxygen. This oxygen deprivation can cause permanent brain damage which results in cerebral palsy. The effect of that oxygen deprivation may become apparent within the first few days or weeks or may not become apparent for months or even years afterward. The best way to know whether your child’s cerebral palsy could have been prevented is to have the Hammer Legal Team evaluate your child’s medical records.

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